15 mai 2018

Poclain Hydraulics Selected By D2R for Their Road-Rail Excavators

Based in Luxemburg, D2R specializes in road-rail excavators which are approved by the French national railway company (SNCF).
D2R’s machines are known for their load capacity, comfort and driving smoothness.
D2R recently decided to equip its 23 tons excavator with hydrostatic transmissions, a solution that has become a standard for all railway market players.
Poclain Hydraulics was selected on the basis of the performance level of its transmissions and its experience in the rail industry, where it has a proven record in providing efficient traction systems for inspection platforms and wagon tipplers.
Four MS motors, equipped with heavy duty bearing supports, drive directly the railway excavator wheels. The new transmission system fulfills all the requirements of D2R :
movement accuracy, ease of operation and capacity to withstand harsh environment as well as intensive work conditions.


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