All the Benefits of Poclain Hydraulics in One Package

15 mai 2018

All the Benefits of Poclain Hydraulics in One Package

In summer of last year, Poclain Hydraulics launched the Drive Solutions program. The program offers over 200 pre-validated, easy-to-install, hydraulic drive system kits consisting of hydraulic wheel motors, a pump and valves. Drive Solutions deliver quicker than many other options on the market, and they are easy to install with clear installation documentation. The system contains options for both non-steerable and steerable wheel motors that deliver a more robust solution along with the added design freedom and space saving seen when eliminating the need to design and incorporate a mechanical axle.

 Machine Hatfield

Our system configurator allows us to determine the best system configuration for a proposed machine. By entering basic data and necessary features of a proposed machine such as steerable vs. non-steerable motors or the need for traction control, we are able to quickly propose a full, pre-validated drive system offering for two-wheel, three-wheel, four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive parallel systems.
Currently only available through Poclain Hydraulics North American distribution network, our Drive Solutions kits deliver to the distributor in 15 business days, along with clear hydraulic diagrams and pipe sizes, while the distributor provides the pipes and tank. With the current highly competitive environment in many end markets, effectively prototyping and getting a new machine to market quickly can be a make-or-break factor in successfully taking a new machine to market. One example by the experience of one of our first Drive Solutions customers: Hatfield Manufacturing, Inc.

Michael Grave from Spencer Fluid Power was the distributor handling the project, and was willing to give us a little insight into what it is like to incorporate a Drive Solutions kit into a
new machine.

Can you tell us a little bit about Hatfield and their project? What does the machine do, and what were the goals of the project?
The goals of the project are to increase efficiency at the dairy and decrease labor costs. This machine is a water distribution machine for calving operations in the dairy industry.
In the dairy industry, they need to distribute food and water to many rows of calf huts. This particular machine is for the water and milk distribution. With Hatfield’s new machine,
instead of requiring multiple people to drive a tractor/wagon with a hose on a pump, and someone to run the pump on the wagon, this machine serves as a self-operating machine.
One operator can distribute the water or milk to the calves as he drives.

Why did Hatfield Manufacturing decide to use a Drive Solutions kit as opposed to a mechanical or a custom hydraulic system?
At the very beginning, there was a conversation of do we really want to run hydraulic motors and not do a standard drive system and things like that, but with the lead times and the whole kit package it became almost too good of a deal not to do. You get one package, one part number, and you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors with multiple lead times. Three weeks and it’s there. It shows up quick. There are just a lot of benefits to the Drive Solutions package.


Drive Solutions

Did Drive Solutions ease any hurdles involved in the development of this machine?
The machine really started from scratch off an idea, so there is a lot of “up-in-the-airness” about what it will end up looking like or weighing. At the beginning, we just [had] some good ballparks. Poclain and their Drive Solutions eased some difficulties. Mainly the fact that if we can get a ballpark weight, we can calculate what we need as far as motors, pump, flow divider, and speed switch. The [Drive] Solutions package provided us with a schematic that we could follow as well as how to plumb the system, which was very handy.

It included line-sizing recommendations, what filters to use and described where they should be located in the system. In addition, delivery—having a three-week ship time was beneficial. We looked at doing gear drives and an axle drive system and there was just a lot of headaches using multiple vendors: one for the drivelines, one for the variable speed motor, another for the pump and then there were long lead times. This solution really helped moving the machine forward.