29 janv. 2019

Curious to see Poclain Hydraulics products in application at World Ag Expo?

Gillison’s Variety Fabrication Asparagus Picking Cart will feature Poclain Hydraulics Drive Solutions on stand N5, N7, N9.


“We made a move toward Drive Solutions to take advantage of the quick delivery and deliver our customers the benefits of a single-source ground drive system. The package we chose helped us to enhance the ground drive control and improve operator comfort with smoother performance even on the rugged terrain seen in asparagus fields.” Matt Gillison, Gillison's Variety Fabrication, Inc.

Gold Country Hydraulics will be exhibiting their shaker & receivers and bin carriers in stand L19 featuring the Poclain Hydraulics MG05 motors for enhanced steering angles and a shorter turning radius.



“[The MG05] has allowed us to put 10lbs in a 5lb bag and still have room to work. It’s a space saver, big time space saver.’’ Terry Tompkins, Gold Country Hydraulics Director