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A World of On-Road Solutions

Since 2005, Poclain Hydraulics core technology and advanced innovations have enabled it to diversify the offer and serve on-road vehicles.
Poclain Hydraulics’ goal is to offer on-road vehicles efficient, economical and ecological solutions based on hydraulic technology.


AWD for Truck Addidrive

Addidrive is a genuine alternative to mechanical all-wheel drive which ensures optimum mobility for trucks which need to work in harsh weather conditions and irregular terrain - such as fields, forests and construction sites.

It consists of a hydraulic transmission in addition to the standard mechanical transmission which automatically transfers torque to a non-driven axle, only when a complement of traction is needed.

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Major benefits

  • Increased uptime thanks to added traction on demand
  • Fuel consumption comparable to a standard truck
  • Increased payload (> 500 kg) vs. mechanical AWD
  • Same ride height as a standard truck
  • Driver's peace of mind
  • Available up to Class 8 trucks


  • Torque : up to 5,000 lb.ft per wheel
  • Power : max 41 kW per wheel
  • Pressure : up to 6,500 psi