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A World of Off-Road Solutions

POCLAIN HYDRAULICS has become the world leader in hydrostatic transmissions based on its cam-lobe radial-piston motors offer. Worldwide presence, combined with  application expertise, Poclain Hydraulics is offering efficient and reliable system solutions to a wide range of applications.


Hydraulic Antiskid System TwinLock™


The TwinLock™ solution offers an anti-slip solution for all-wheel-drive machines. Machines equipped with the TwinLock™ solution increase their off-road driving capability essentially in low grip situations.


Applicable for all machines with at least three-wheel drive.


The TwinLock™ solution transfers the torque from the wheels that are slipping to the wheels with the greatest grip. It is the ideal compromise between a parallel circuit and a series circuit.

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Major benefits

  • Higher machine productivity thanks to increasing off-road capabilities.
  • The solution's excellent reactivity (torque is instantaneously transferred from the wheel with the lowest grip to the one with the highest)
  • Maintenance is easy as the solution is 100% hydraulic
  • Avoids damaging ground surfaces