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A World of Off-Road Solutions

POCLAIN HYDRAULICS has become the world leader in hydrostatic transmissions based on its cam-lobe radial-piston motors offer. Worldwide presence, combined with  application expertise, Poclain Hydraulics is offering efficient and reliable system solutions to a wide range of applications.


Electronic Antiskid System SD-CT Off-Road™


The SD-CT Off-Road™ solution offers an electronic traction control function.  
Machines equipped with the SD-CT Off-Road™ solution increase their off-road driving capabilities essentially in low adherence conditions.


Applicable to all machines with at least two drive wheel drive.


The SD-CT Off-Road™ solution permanently measures the speed of the drive wheels.
Should one of them spin, it reduces the oil flow to the wheel that is spinning, which enables the wheels with the greatest surface adherence to maintain their traction capability

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Major benefits

  • Higher machine productivity thanks to increasing off-road driving capabilities.
  • The solution's excellent reactivity
  • Avoids damaging ground surfaces