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A World of Off-Road Solutions

POCLAIN HYDRAULICS has become the world leader in hydrostatic transmissions based on its cam-lobe radial-piston motors offer. Worldwide presence, combined with  application expertise, Poclain Hydraulics is offering efficient and reliable system solutions to a wide range of applications.


Boosted Braking Boosted Brake™

Boosted Brake™ offers increased hydrostatic braking capabilities. It enables regulation requirements to be met in terms of braking distances, whilst reducing the use of the friction brakes. Boosted Brake™ amplifies the diesel engine's retardation capacity. It also avoids engine over-speed when braking.

Applications: Applicable to all machines subject to high and/or repeated deceleration, both on the road and in the field. Boosted Brake™ is especially recommended for machines with diesel engines with a low retardation capacity.


Boosted Brake™ uses the principles of hydrostatic braking.

It uses the hydraulic motor's total displacement capacity and not just the displacement that is active when braking occurs, such as, for example, any under-displacement used to drive at road speeds.

It converts the machine's kinetic energy into heat in the oil in the hydrostatic transmission system. This heat is then  evacuated in the cooler. 

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Major benefits

  • Reduces braking distances in road mode and off-road mode,
  • A non-wear solution: preserves (or limits) use of friction brakes and requires no maintenance
  • Preserves diesel engines from over-speed: conserves hydrostatic braking capacities even for diesel engines with a low retardation capacity
  •  Easy incorporation into the machine: the solution is integrated into the hydraulic motors without any extra piping