High Performance

Surpassing the individual performances of each component

We combine our components within our hydrostatic transmission systems. Our combined expertise in hydraulics, electronics and mechanics, along with our understanding of your applications, enables us to design, manufacture and offer you high added value solutions that meet present and future market expectations.

Optimising performance

Supplying exactly the right power required whilst maximising reliability, comfort, personal safety and the safety of equipment: this is our definition of optimising performance, accessible to you thanks to our systems.

Minimising the environmental footprint

The intelligence of our systems, namely our experience and competence in electronic control systems, enables the constant use at the optimum operating point of your machine. This guarantees the best performance whilst minimising fuel consumption.


Speeding up the integration of complex technology

We place the full range of our know-how at your disposal through our offer of hydrostatic transmission systems. You minimise your development costs and accelerate the time to market whilst improving the performance of your machines.

Pushing back the boundaries of innovation

In order to establish your competitive advantage on your markets, you are constantly seeking to extend the range of your machines. The use of electronic transmission control helps to access a limitless panel of comfort, safety and energy-saving functions.


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Our offering :