CBI (USA) - Log & Stump Screw

Jun 29, 2017

CBI (USA) - Log & Stump Screw

The CBI Log & Stump Screw is an attachment for splitting over-sized butt logs, pole wood, tree service block wood and stumps into more manageable sizes that can easily be further processed into firewood, wood fuel or other end products including wood chips.

CBI chose Poclain Hydraulics’ 94 hp MSE-18 high-torque spline shaft motor to power the splitter. The motor was chosen thanks to its extreme durability, and simplified assembly. No additional bearings are needed as the motor carries the entire load attached directly to the screw mechanism. In this manner, all the
forces are able to be transferred directly from the screw mechanism to the motor allowing for a simplified assembly.
The functionally superior  94 hp MSE-18 is equipped with custom options to increase maximum speeds, lengthen motor lifetime, reduce pressure drops, and ensure safe startups in the harshest climates.  The motor is supplied with an integral relief package to prevent failures due to over pressuring of the motor in the demanding conditions the product is used.
“The quality and dependability of Poclain motors is second to none,” said Jeff Moulton, director of engineering and aftermarket at CBI. “They were devoted towards this design and dedicated their engineering resources to analyzing our setup and confirming the motor was sized properly for the application.
The high pressure allows us to take advantage of the higher pressure settings on newer excavators and maximize our torque output.”



The CBI Log & Stump Screw has options for large and small equipment, as the output torque can be sized to accommodate smaller and larger machines. The 94 hp MSE-18 motor in the CBI Log & Stump Screw not only allows for operation at extremely high pressures of up to 5,800 PSI (400 bar), but also allows for the versatility to turn the pressure down and flow up to get larger jobs done faster. The simplified design of the attachment also reduces the need for maintenance passing additional benefit on to the end user.

When asked about the benefits of the  Log & Stump Screw, a current user, David Happ of Marquis Tree Service shared, “It’s a small unit on a very small excavator but I’ve been pretty impressed with the size of material it’s been able to produce,”
Happ said. “We’ve been able to crack beech logs up to sixty, seventy inches. We’ve been able to reduce everything that we brought into our yard into manageable debris that we can actually either sell or dispose of at a lower cost.”

“For the money, I don’t think it could be beat,” Happ said. “I don’t think you could touch it for any other machine that could reduce wood of the same diameter. Especially with the size constraints we have at our yard. We’re running thirty guys out of one acre including material, so we don’t have space to put massive material in here or lots of equipment, and we can’t
afford to store much material on site because of that reason. So to put it on a mini excavator that only weighs 15,000-pounds is a pretty nice option.”



One example Happ gave was a 12,000-pound, 70-inch log they put on the deck of a log truck with a crane and unloaded in the yard — he was able to crack it with the Log & Stump Screw and
send it through a 20-inch chipper.

“It’s nice to see they overbuilt the options,” Happ said. “Everything is very large steel, I don’t think we’re going to break anything on this unit anytime soon.”

“The versatility of the machine with the screw on it was great because it takes us about ten minutes to swap it over to a different attachment, it’s not a dedicated machine,” Happ explained. “It really didn’t take anything other than running a dedicated case drain line — the install was pretty seamless. Everything matched up perfectly from the factory to the machine based on the specs of the machine so it allows us to have versatility of using one machine to do multiple tasks.”

Visit the CBI Log & Stump Screw dedicated page to learn more about this application.